Fast and supported professional hosting

Our fast and supported Professional Hosting is perfect for hosting popular opensource applications. Also try the site builder, provided for free use.

Our fast and supported professional hosting solutions use top-of-the-line hardware to ensure uncompromising speed, reliability and support. Included with each hosting is domain registration, mailboxes with imaps, pop3s, smtps access and webmail with pgp support. In addition, traffic is unmetered, mysql support is provided by default as well as backup service.

Hosting Denali/PRO

from 3.90€ /month

Hosting Website Builder

from 3.90€ /month

Hosting WordPress

from 3.90€ /month

Hosting Prestashop

from 3.90€ /month

Hosting OpenCart

from 3.90€ /month

each hosting plan includes

Domain .it .eu .com included
Disk Space from 5GB to 100GB
Free Backup including
SSL Certificate, DV included
Website-Builder Included
Webmail with PGP support

Full CMS support
Mail space from 5GB to 100GB
Monthly traffic, not limited
Support Mysql including
Available tools for developers
Multiple PHP (5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3/8.0/8.1)
Redundant Storage
Professional Assistance
Web management panel
3 Firewall Levels
Http/2 by default

Storage SSD Datacenter Grade


Assisted professional migration


Professional Website Builder available

Add SSL Premium

Add Database

Add Spazio Web

SSD Storage

All the storage you need. When you need it.

Initial quota of 5GB (+2GB gratuiti). And extendable in blocks of 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 50GB, 100GB.
The space provided is real, not oversold. This means you can use your GB as you wish. Even as simple storage space. Need more web space? Contact us. We’ll figure it out together.

Storage SSD
+20.90€ /year
+41.90€ /year
+61.90€ /year
+103.90€ /year
+206.90€ /year

Mail Storage

Extensibi mail accounts. Both in number of accounts and space.

All mailboxes include: webmail HTTPS, access POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS. All accounts can be activated optionally as standard email or as Zimbra User at no extra cost. Included with all mail accounts is free of charge an antivirus and antispam filter (customizable). Need more mail space? Contact us. We’ll figure it out together.

Mailbox / Quota
5 / 5GB
+10 / 10GB
+29.90€ /year
+20 / 20GB
+49.90€ /year
+30 / 30GB
+69.90€ /year
+40 / 40GB
+89.90€ /year
+50 / 50GB
+109.90€ /year
+60 / 60GB
+129.90€ /year
+70 / 70GB
+149.90€ /year

MySQL Database

You can expand your hosting with other databases, only when you really need them.

All databases are always updated to the latest version available and support utf8mb4 as native charset to be able to save characters of any language in the world (including emoji).

+1 DB
+4.20€ /year
+3 DB
+10.20€ /year

SSL Certificate Included

Included in our hosting plan you will find a free SSL (DV) certificate in use.

If you wish, we can manage this free certificate for you, or you can activate a commercial certificate, which is optional. A guide will follow you during the activation of commercial certificates. It won’t take you more than 4-5 steps to activate them.

SSL DV No-Profit
SSL DV Managed
+20.00€ /year
SSL DV Premium
+60.00€ /year

Why choose Denali Hosting?

Customer data privacy guaranteed

Fast and supported professional hosting

Very few limits on service configuration

Simple but professional control panel

Backup database and files always included

SSD storage for web, mail and MySQL

PHP 8.1

All user agents from 5.6 to 8.1 available

Apache 2.4

Latest stable apache version, always available.


Active by default on all hosting


Responsive included. Accessible from any device.


Always updated to the latest version


Less than 300ms


All storage is NVMe Enterprise


Redundant network without traffic limits


AMD EPYC and Intel® Xeon® Gold processor


Each node has two levels of Firewall

Denali Website Builder

A powerful and professional visual website editor is now included with our hosting. No technical expertise is required.

Technical Features Hosting Denali

Domain Included
Web Space
Mail Space
Monthly Traffic
MySQL database
Control Panel
Backup (Database and Files)
DV SSL Certificate
Professional server-to-server data migration
Server Security
Included Applications
Website Builder
Advanced Tools for Developers
Hosting Denali
A domain included (choose from .com/.eu/.it)
From 5GB to 100GBextensible
From 5GB to 100GBextensible
No Restrictions
From 1 to 15extensible
Included, retain 3 copies
SSL DV Included
Personalized, contact us for a no obligation quote.
Antimalware, Antirootkit, Firewall Level 3, storage redundant
WordPress, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla
IncludedWatch it in action
Developer Extension Pack Opzionale → Staging Environment, SSH, git, wp-cli. Contact us now for its activation.

Data Transfer

You have to transfer your website? Trust our transfer professional. We guarantee a bit-a-bit copy of all your website content and emails. Turnkey.

Contact us for a quote

Developer Extension Pack

Are you a developer? Add this extension pack to your hosting. You will immediately get access to SSH, an environment of staging, git and wp-cli.

Contact us now for its activation.

F.A.Q.Fast and supported professional hosting

Why use hosting with pre-installed applications?

There are mainly two reasons: the first is to save time. Whether you are an experienced user or a novice, being able to count on a hosting with WordPress already installed in the latest version available in Italian, you avoid the process of having to upload your data from your local computer, create the database and set up the installation of the system so you can focus on your work. The second is to be sure of the result. Our WordPress installation is optimal, always with Mysql and PHP latest version installed. So you are sure to always use the best possible software.

Why use a website builder?
Content managers, like WordPress or Joomla, are very convenient. And they definitely allow endless customization possibilities. However, sooner or later you will realize that to create a website exactly the way you want it, you have to install multiple, third-party plugins and themes. Which require some maintenance to function optimally. This is normal given the nature of these content managers. That’s where our website builder comes in: with it, you won’t need to install anything anymore. In fact, it includes over 200 themes available, and all the features you may need, directly. It’s so easy that I think it’s faster to try it than to explain how it works. Here you’ll find a free demo.
I want to transfer a site from you, can I do it without fear of downtime?

Absolutely. As per company policy, all transfers, are initiated only upon customer approval. So if you want to try our hosting plan, the procedure is extremely simple and safe: you can purchase the hosting plan Buy Now Hosting Pro, associating it to the domain you want to transfer. We will activate our hosting plan and provide you with all the login credentials. You can then work on our hosting, to make sure everything is working properly. And when you’re ready to start with the transfer, you’ll let us know and we’ll transfer the domain to you. And that’s not all: do you need help moving your content (and/or emails)? Contact us, we can take you through the process step by step.

What is shared hosting? And why is it different from a dedicated server?

A shared hosting, is a service that allows you to host multiple websites on the same server. The main advantage of this configuration is related to the fact that it allows, with a low cost, to have your website on a high-performance server. Server that if you were to be purchased only for a single site would obviously require a greater expenditure of money. Clearly, this infrastructure requires that the resources of the various sites are limited, so that they can coexist. In our case, we have a very “wide” configuration that allows absolute performance, at a very competitive cost. If you wish to have resources dedicated to your project, we suggest the alternative Dedicated VPS Servers.

Many other hosting offers include "infinite" fees. How come you don't?

In reality, infinity does not exist in any field. When you hear about infinity, it means that the provider is making a bet on the resource usage of the machine. Assuming that the users on that machine use fewer resources than those allocated, so that the free ones can be used by others. This is called overselling. As a company policy, we DO NOT oversell. The shares that are sold are intended to be used in their entirety by our customers. We believe this is the watershed in defining the quality of a professional hosting service.

What kind of data security is in place?

All nodes are protected by antivirus, antispam. Also run daily systems anti-rootkit, anti-malware, and specific control of the installations of the most common CMS. In order to alert the customer immediately if a site has been hacked. In addition to this, the network is protected by 3 levels of firewall. In addition, at no additional cost compared to the hosting plan, we provide 3 full backups (with rotation of your choice directly from the control panel) of the entire web space. In addition, the storage on which runs the web, the database, the mail, and all other services, rests on redundant hardware that can withstand multiple hardware failures.


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