Voucher Mullvad VPN

Privacy is your right.

As a Mullvad partner we offer:

discount 20% on six-month plan

Protect Yourself from Hackers

Using Mullvad, all traffic to/from your device is encrypted and to the highest standards. So you can even securely use public Wi-Fi networks in bars and hotels.

Pay in BitCoin

You can purchase the service by paying confidentially, using BitCoin.

Privacy First

No logs are converted, and Mullvad replaces your IP with one from their VPN, ensuring that your device’s activity and location are not linked to you personally.

Simple and Powerful

Mullvad VPN is simple: you just need to download and install the app, and enter the user number you’ll be given. Zero configuration.

Privacy is your right

As well as a universal right, which is why we have partnered with Mullvad. Real pioneers of VPN networks. With Mullvad you get: an anonymous account, no registration required and maximum ease of configuration. And buying it through us you will benefit from 20% discount as well as the possibility to pay in bitcoin.

F.A.Q. Voucher Mullvad VPN

Why do I have to worry about my online privacy?

Privacy is important, mainly because very often your data is shared by third party services, without you really knowing about it. Some examples? Facebook knows exactly what ads to show you, as do Google and Amazon. This happens because you’re constantly leaving traces while browsing, which serve to profile you as a person. Using a solid VPN is the first step to limit this.

There are thousands of VPN services, why Mullvad?

Mullvad has multiple advantages over its competitors: anonymous account, no registration required, independently audited third-party app and infrastructure, built-in kill switch (i.e. if VPN gives problems, you can’t browse via normal connectivity), no paid reviews, on-site support, pioneers in VPN services, easy setup.

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