Send and Receive SMS via internet

Send and Receive SMS via Internet in a professional and affordable way

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Send and Receive SMS via Internet. Try our professional service for businesses and individuals. Through a convenient interface, or through API can send and receive thousands of SMS with one click. A simple but powerful system to send SMS online. A better communication channel than email.


Instant delivery, delivery receipt requested.


Special characters, fully supported.

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Group Management

Special Characters

Sending from API

Text thousands of people. In just a few moments.

Through our interface you can send SMS to groups of thousands of people, in just a few minutes. You will always have under control the sending status with the report in real time.

Customizable sender. Alphanumeric.

The customizable sender serves to make your communication immediately recognizable. It’s like the sender of an email. If it is recognizable it is much more likely that the message will be read.

You can independently manage an infinite number of groups.

In fact, the address book that we provide you with has no limits, you can store as many numbers as you want. So you can simply manage your marketing campaigns.

Delivery Report available in just a few moments.

When you send a message to a group of contacts, in real time you will immediately receive the result of the message delivery. And a few moments after sending, the Delivery Report of the message delivery.

Import your contacts from CSV files.

Our interface allows you to import your address book via CSV. It also includes a number syntax checker so you can make corrections if necessary.

Sending via API supported and free of charge.

You can interface your ERP, or any other application to send SMS notifications through our system with a convenient and simple API interface. Free to use.

SMS reception

No limits on the reception.

The web SMS reception service allows you to receive SMS on your own web page, your own script, your own database in order to process and collect data automatically. With SMS reception service with shared SIM, you will be provided with a code that users must prepend to the message text. With the dedicated SIM reception service you will be provided with a dedicated GSM number. In both cases there is no limitation on the number of SMS messages you can receive.

Shared SMS Reception
Shared Sim with custom code
No message limit received
90.00€ /year
Dedicated SMS Reception
Dedicated Sim
No message limit received
Amount to be budgeted

F.A.Q. Send and Receive SMS via Internet

What does high quality SMS mean?

By high quality SMS, we mean that the SMS are sent non-roaming, so delivery to the recipient occurs within moments and a delivery receipt is available. These are the best SMS on the market.

By choice, we do not provide low quality (i.e. roaming) SMS services, which are generally cheaper, but have significant problems sending and receiving and no delivery receipt.

What does delivery report mean?

The delivery report is the delivery receipt that is sent with each SMS. This receipt provides the outcome of the sending of that SMS. And it is updated in real time with the status of the sending. In this way you are always aware of the status of the operation.

Are concatenated messages supported?
Yes, of course concatenated messages are supported (up to 1224 characters).
I need more SMS than those offered, is that possible?
Of course, you can contact us at our information form. We will provide you with a dedicated offer in a very short time.
I need to send messages with special characters. Is that possible?

Yes, we support all the characters available in UTF8, and in UCS-2. Due to a limitation of the GSM protocol, if you decide to use characters belonging to the UCS-2 charset, the maximum size of the message drops to 70 characters, compared to the canonical 160 characters of UTF-8.

I want to send SMS from my website, is it possible?

Yes of course, we support API submission. And we provide you the sample code to connect to our portal easily.


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