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Transfer your website from Denali. All included

We can help you with your website migration, step by step. With our professional migration you can be assured of zero downtime and that the entire content of your site will be migrated bit by bit on our servers. Introduction If you are reading this article, there is a...

Transfer your VoIP number

VoIP number portability is the process of moving a phone number from your current phone provider (be it a traditional carrier or VoIP service provider) to our voip numbering service. This way, you can maintain your existing phone number, even if it's a cell phone...

Find out why to switch from Dropbox to Safelocked/Nextcloud

Private storage Safelocked/Nextcloud is the best way to store your documents online securely, affordably and privately. You alone have access to your documents, wherever you are. Introduction Safelocked/Nextcloud is an open source file hosting and collaboration...

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Using SMS for Business

Using SMS for Business

Gli SMS come metodo di marketing, rimangono l'unico veicolo che arriva diretto alla persona interessata saltando ogni barriera e filtro e sono sempre letti dal destinatario. Essi inoltre coprono ogni destinatario che può leggerli qualunque telefono abbia. L'efficacia...

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Zimbra dedicated mail server

Zimbra dedicated mail server

Zimbra mail server e mail suite La potentissima suite di mail server denominata zimbra nella versione community edition è un software molto avanzato usato per server email. Se si installa il software zimbra su un sistema VPS dedicato, si ottiene un efficacissimo...

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