VPS Windows dedicated virtual private and secure

Choose from our Windowr dedicated virtual private and secure VPSs, the one best suited to your needs.

Server VW1
33.90€ /month
Processor 4 Core
Storage NVMe 50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 32 TB
Backup Snapshot 1
Operating System Windows Server *
Server VW2
59.90€ /month
Processor 6 Core
Storage NVMe 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 32 TB
Backup Snapshot 2
Operating System Windows Server *
Server VW3
85.00€ /month
Processor 8 Core
Storage NVMe 200 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 32 TB
Backup Snapshot 3
Operating System Windows Server *
Server VW4
157.00€ /month
Processor 10 Core
Storage NVMe 400 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 32 TB
Backup Snapshot 4
Operaging System Windows Server *

Storage SSD Datacenter Grade


Assisted professional migration


Fast activation, ready in a few hours

Server Monitoring

Backup Offsite

DDOS Protection

IPv4 e IPv6

Windows license included

All our Windows servers include a Windows server licence of your choice from 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012R2.

Do you need an encrypted VPS?

Check out our alternatives in Zurich. Fully encrypted, incredibly fast and active within hours.

Do you need more CPU and RAM?

Contact us, we can tailor-make you a quote with dedicated vCPUs, up to 32 cores and 128GB RAM.


Security is at the heart of our offer. With us, you and your data are safe..

Lots of traffic

32TB of outgoing traffic is a lot. But if you need more, contact us and we will quote you an ad hoc offer.


All transactions are verified by our administrative staff. However, we are able to process server activation within a few hours.

IPv4 and IPv6

Each server comes with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. Additional addresses are also available on request.

Backup with Snapshot

Each server includes a backup of the snapshot type. The number of retains increases depending on the server model.

Unbeatable price

Unbeatable price/performance ratio on the high-quality hosting market. All hardware involved is data centre grade, from the best manufacturers.

VPS Management

From no management to FULL managed server. You choose the level.


From the order, it only takes a few hours for the server to be activated.

Control Panel

Included by default with the PRO Package.

Backup Server

Included with all servers


A lot of software that can be installed on the server (linux) is available on request.


Active by default on all hosting


Enterprise privacy-oriented software, to take control of your data.

Choose the available images. You will find it configured on the server you purchased, ready to use. Always updated to the latest stable version. (For Linux servers)

Ant Media Server

Latest | Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Highly scalable, feature-rich and easy-to-use video streaming server.

Next Cloud

Latest | Debian 11 LTS

With Next Cloud you take back control of your data. Without the use of third-party services.


Latest | Debian 11 LTS

Online conferencing software with video sharing 100% open source. Without registration.


Latest | Debian 11 LTS

Create your own secure and private network with the VPN used by the world’s best providers.

Technical Specifications Denali Server

Local Storage
Monthly Traffic
Server Backup
Server Security
Server Monitoring
Remote Access
Operating System
Denali VPS Server
4 vCore → to 10 vCore
8GB → to 60GB
50GB → to 400GB (NVMe) or 20GB → to 1.6TB (SSD)
32TB → extendable on request
Snapshot type with variable retain depending on server type
A DDOS filter is provided at the datacenter level, and it is possible to activate a layer 2 firewall always on the datacenter, with the filtering policy requested by the user.
Connectivity and hypervisor hardware is continuously monitored for each server.
Administrative Remote Desktop access available on all servers
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter,Windows Server 2019 Datacenter,Windows Server 2016 Datacenter,Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter

Existing server transfer?

Do you need to transfer your server? Rely on our professional transfer. We guarantee a bit-to-bit copy of your entire application and data. Turnkey.

Contact us for a quote

Are you a developer?

Look at our remote development solution.You no longer have to worry about replicating your development environment locally, but can connect directly from your IDE to the server via SSH and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

More information

F.A.Q. VPS Windows Server dedicati virtuali privati e sicuri.

Why buy a VPS server?

A VPS server is recommended for those who need a private environment, not shared with other users, for their site or web project. This means dedicated and extensible RAM, dedicated and extensible storage, plenty of available traffic and fixed, predictable prices. You can install as much software as you want.

Better Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server?

They are different services: shared hosting is perfect if you have a site that falls within the standard configuration that is proposed (you can see the detail on the hosting page). Whereas if you need special libraries, or legacy versions of software or other customisations, or prefer to work directly in SSH on the server, or manage multiple websites from a single interface, it is better to evaluate a dedicated server. We are of course at your full disposal to help you in its configuration and management.

Better VPS server or dedicated server?

At Denali, we believe that VPSs represent the present and future of advanced hosting. Because separating hardware issues from software issues we believe is economically advantageous for the customer. In fact, nowadays hypervisors (especially in the case of KVM, the one used by our VPSs) ensure that the hardware features allocated to the VPS are permanently available (moreover, we do not use dynamic addressing for storage and RAM, so what is sold is actually what is usable on the server).

I already have a server but want to transfer it to you. Is that possible?

Of course! We’ll take care of it, or help you in the process. If you want to move services from your current provider to us, the best thing is to contact us here. And explain your needs to us. There are many different ways to successfully complete a server migration. Let’s talk about them and we will follow you step by step.

How long does it take for activation?

All activations of our private and secure Virtual Private Dedicated Servers (VPS), for the safety of you, our customers, are performed after payment verification (this way fraudulent payments can be avoided). From this moment on, the server activation time depends on the services associated with it. For example, if it is a normal VPS without support, it is active in a few minutes. If, on the other hand, it is a VPS with a control panel, or other application of your choice via the Pro Pack, it will take around 3-4 hours for it to be activated. In any case, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as the server is available.

What renewal periods are available?

The following renewal periods are available for all our servers: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual.


10% discount on the first VPS

* coupon valid for opening a new Cloud PBX per customer. one time discount validity.

More information?

We will get back to you within 1 working day