Run your business wherever you are with our cloud-based PBX. You can answer your landline number directly from your cell phone or computer.

Number of extensions included
Configurable switchboard sections
Extension management
Queue management
Extension redirection to other numbers
Management of open/close times
Voice message management during business hours
Voice message management during off-hours
Sequential or parallel queue management
from 9.00€ /month
PBX Cloud VOIP is an addon to VOIP numbering. If you don’t already have a VOIP number, you can buy it below along with the PBX Cloud VOIP. If, on the other hand, you already have a number with another provider and want to do the portability, you can contact us so that we will follow up with you in the process.

Web interface included


Configuration wizard included


Turnkey system

Customer data privacy guaranteed


Telephone redirections

Fast Recharge

Activation in a few hours

We try to reduce the bureaucratic part of activation as much as possible. In fact, for many prefixes, no documents are required for their activation.

Self-manageable deviations

The web interface that is made available to you allows you, among other things, to manage the detour of your numbering. So that, for example, if needed you can divert calls to another number or to a cell phone.

Web Secretariat

Each number has included a Web voicemail. Through which you can listen to the messages inside, in mp3 format. Directly online.

Guaranteed Assistance

For each numbering you are entitled to our ticket and telephone support. I will follow you step-by-step in configuring your terminal should you need it. However, the procedure is very simple.


Do you already have a phone number and want to transfer it to us? For many numbers the process is quick and easy. Click here and contact us.

What do you need to use the service?

Just an internet connection (either fixed or mobile internet 3G/4G/5G is fine). Nothing more.


Less than 300ms


All storage is of the NVMe Enterprise type


Redundant network with no traffic limits


Processori AMD EPYC e Intel® Xeon® Gold


Each PBX has two levels of Firewall

Do you need a customized switchboard?

Whether you need more extensions, more voices in PBX, a multi-level PBX or much more. Contact us, we will know how to create a dedicated offer for you, tailored exactly to your needs.


What do I need to use the PBX Cloud VOIP?

All you need is an Internet connection. You can use our PBX, whether from a cell phone or a computer, from the office or when you are traveling. Without any problem or limitation of use.

Can I redirect calls to a different number?

Yes, of course it is possible. Our domestic and international voip numbers support redirections. In case of redirection to external number you need to make sure that within your account you have the necessary phone credit.

How can I top up my credit?

You can top up your credit by credit card, bank transfer or payment by bitcoin.

Can I get a report of calls received and made?

Certainly, you are provided with a convenient web interface from which you can have a comprehensive view of calls received or made. With all call number information.

How can I find out the status of my credit?

From the web interface that is made available to you you will see your credit status. In addition a low credit notification email is sent when a threshold is exceeded that you can set yourself via your control panel (default 10.00€).

What application do I need to use the number?

The numbers that are provided are normal, standard VOIP numbers. Therefore any VOIP phone or softphone will do. We as applications recommend Zoiper free for one phone number or paid if you need to set up more than one.


10% discount on your first Cloud PBX

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