Web site hacked

Having a website attacked, can compromise your online image. As well as putting your visitors or customers in serious danger. If you believe you have been affected by a hacker attack, please contact us.

With our professional restoration service, we help you to:


Avoid hosting malicious software without your knowledge

Credit card sniffing, phishing of private data (e.g., email, credentials of other sites, web shells), are just some of the pitfalls that can be found in malicious code uploaded by an attacker without your knowledge into your website


Avoid being used as a bridge for further attacks

Very often an attacked website is used as a bridge to be itself a vector for an attack on a third party. Although these types of attacks are very often invisible and very difficult to detect, they are extremely dangerous.


Prevent browsers and search engines from flagging you as a dangerous site

In some cases it is possible for browsers to warn that your website has been compromised. Of course, this is very important image damage for your company. And seriously, in this case prevention is much better than cure.

How to proceed

Here are the suggested steps to restore your site

1. Contact us

Contact us! Without obligation, we will check your website and propose a complete analysis to restore it.

2. Acceptance

If the quote is to your liking, please confirm it! That way we can start immediately with the restoration operations.

3. Restoration start

We will immediately begin the process of restoring your site. Below you will find the details of how we work.

Our cleaning and hardening process

Here are the steps of our standard procedure (applies to WordPress, as with any other CMS or application)

Current data download and initial backup
Installation in a safe environment
Reinstalling the system core
Removal of all detected malware
Removing all unused software from the application
Reinstallation of plugins
Reinstalling the theme
Reset of all administrative accesses
Backup setup within our Hosting PRO plan
Updating of all software in the application
Best-practice settings for hardening the CMS used
Final operation check of the website
Temporary read-only application setup
Final analysis, and final unlocking of all site features
We download the data, via the accesses provided to us (typically both files and databases)
The website, still compromised, is installed on a secure environment, on which the system remediation will be performed
Let's first perform a reinstallation of the core software, in the same version of the system as provided
All malware detected in the system is removed. By checking every single file on your system
All unused software is removed, so as to work only with features that are actually used by the site
All plugins are reinstalled exnovo
The theme used by the website is reinstalled
All administrative logins are reset, to prevent the attacker from changing them in turn
The backup of your site is set up automatically. Which is included at no additional cost from our Hosting PRO
At this point, all software is updated to the latest available stable version
The best-practices recommended by the CMS used to make it more secure are put into practice
A check of all system functionality is done. Everything must be fully functional
We monitor the site with us for a few days in a read-only mode (i.e. fully visible to the user). This way we can check that no malicious calls are successfully made on the website. And if necessary take action to block them
The website is considered clean and secure and is fully unlocked

Okay, my site’s under attack. I’d like to get started.

Sure, contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need to leave, without obligation.