Automatic check and fix on Denali VPS

Scritto da Denali

3 November 2022

Automatic check and fix filesystem

Denali RoboCheck is the innovative plugin contained in all VPSs provided by Denali, including the basic (the economic line). It allows the client user of the vps, to automatically perform a procedure on the machine with automatic disk check and fix, as well as restart the server in operational mode. All of this fully automated and completed in seconds, with no headache for the user. What’s the point? anyone who normally runs a server knows that if there are database or other write problems, the server can become unreachable due to disk errors due to applications or other file system errors. It is therefore imperative in such cases, to fix the system and get it back online as quickly as possible.

How roboCheck works

in a normal case (i.e., without the help of the plugin) this would involve the user performing a reboot into rescue mode and a manual disk check with a subsequent fix. This procedure would be a task for averagely skilled users that also involves some work time. With Denali roboCheck, on the other hand, this is done automatically by the system by simply clicking a button in the customer area and without any other manual intervention.

The immediately online VPS

system takes care of performing a thorough disk check at very high speed and restarting the system immediately to bring it back online. In this way, then, recovery operations will not only be automatic, but also performed at a remarkable speed and without the need for any skill on the part of the user performing it.

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