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SSL on the website? Yes thank you

Scritto da Denali

3 November 2022

Site in SSL synonymous with security

Starting this year, as some of you may know, Google will flag your site (blog or ecommerce) if it is not secured with an SSL connection (i.e. the green padlock next to https on the far left bar of your browser). What does the SSL connection do? Basically, the SSL connection forces your browser to communicate with the server in an encrypted manner, which allows for greater security. In this way, all information in transit is encrypted before it crosses the Internet. In order for this to happen correctly, the certificate is issued by a special authority which guarantees its reliability and, above all, the assignment to the domain after having verified its ownership (this verification can be done in different ways).

Why is it important?

Firstly because it is important, today more than ever, that information is secure while crossing an insecure network like the Internet. In fact, taking information from third parties can be very risky, it can lead to attacks, viruses, Trojans, ransomware and all the worst possible.

Secondly because google marks as insecure all sites that do not take care of the security aspect. Who wants to have their site penalized for that? Do we want to have a site where all the effort to produce content can be wasted in such a stupid way? Of course not. This is why activating SSL and installing a certificate is a winning move and allows google to classify your site as safe for the visitor.


How do I activate SSL?

At Denali you can activate non-profit SSL as well as commercial certificates (best suited for busy sites). A simple wizard allows you to secure your site, whether it is hosted on the Denali network or on a third party network. It only takes two minutes and following the procedure, you will have in a short time the release of your certificate and you will be able to install it on your site in a simple and effective way.

For any advice regarding the activation of SSL, the installation on your site and everything related to it, do not hesitate to Contact a Denali system administrator or, if you are already a customer, you can contact directly its relationship manager at the company.

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